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Reva’s Rabbitry in Chili, NY raises a variety of pedigreed, show-quality rabbits for pets, wool, and meat. Breeding bucks and does are housed in large hutches (rabbits are stressed in open pasture). Each one is fed a combination of high-grade rabbit pellet and no-spray hay, and processed at a family farm, locally in Dansville, NY.

Rabbit meat is one of the healthier meats. With the lowest fat content of any meat available, rabbit cooks like chicken breast and tastes similar as well, but definitely boasts its own flavor. Don’t worry, our rabbits are never gamey. Whole rabbits are great in the Instapot.

Whole rabbits range from 2-4 lbs

Looking for a great family pet? Contact us directly for more info.

Note: The current situation with Covid-19 has started a massive wave of backyard farmers and homesteaders. As a result, there is a large demand for live animals for breeding stock. We have a very limited supply of rabbit meat for now and will be unable to process more for the near future. We will update this item description when we are able to provide more information.