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To celebrate the cool weather, we’re knocking 10% of the price for all of our Miso for the month of October. So put the broth on the stove and toss in a dab of your favorite miso.

We start each batch of our miso by polishing certified organic rice and culturing our own rice koji, an essential flavoring ingredient in miso. We then blend this with cooked soybeans and ferment the paste for 3 months for white miso and up to 3 years for red miso. As the batches get older, they produce more and more of the famous “umami” everyone seeks. A dab of this in broth is a quick and easy Miso Soup or lightly coat meat or vegetables for roasting. Looking for a great marinade? Check out our Shio Koji.

We have several varieties of Miso from which to select, including Soy-Free varieties.



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