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Laying Hens


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Interested in some backyard chickens or ducks? There’s nothing better than converting kitchen scraps into fresh eggs for breakfast, baking, or even a late night snack.

Our laying hens are about 18 months old now and laying strong. They may be ready for a molt after moving to their new home, but they have 3-4 great years of laying ahead of them. They are human-friendly and have never seen a battery cage.

Mallard ducks are the closest thing you get to wild ducks. Laying over 200 medium blue-green eggs every year, these compact ducks forage well, love kitchen scraps, and eat very little supplemental feed in summer. These ladies are a few months old and will begin laying eggs around March or April 2022.

Nervous to get started? Don’t be. Aside from plenty of instructions and advice from us, there are dozens of Facebook groups and Blogs devoted to raising backyard chickens and ducks. After all, there’s no other pet that poops breakfast!



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