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Traditionally made and aged for 3-6 months. There are lots of recipes that use kimchi but let’s be honest… it’s great just eating it right out of the jar.

This vegan version of kimchi is loaded with probiotics. A little hiss when you open the jar is normal. Enjoy!

Coming Soon to a kitchen near you: Green cabbage kimchi, or Yangbaechu Kimchi, is a popular Korean ferment typically made in spring and summer when napa cabbage is out of season. Slightly sweeter and crunchier than traditional kimchi, this will quickly become your new favorite. Keep your eyes peeled (and your mouthes and noses covered) next month when this delish new dish is ready to be packed in pints.

Starting 9/1/20 our ferment prices will go up by $.25 each jar to reflect the rising cost of production. We thank you for your support over the years and look forward to serving you for years to come.