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DIY Bone Broth

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Bone broth has been in recipes since before recipes existed. It’s the best way to release all the vitamins and nutrients the animal keeps locked away in its bones, collagen, fats, and gelatin. In small batches, an instapot or a slow cooker is all you need for a rich, flavorful, and, most importantly, healthy broth that can be used in hundreds of recipes or just sipped right out of a mug with a pinch of salt.

What you get:

3.5# of chicken backs and bones (about)
8oz Oyster Mushrooms.
1# of onions

Roast bones in oven at 425F until brown and toss into your cooker with all the drippings, the mushrooms, onions, and one gallon of water. Add any herbs or spices. Celery is a nice addition as well. Do not add salt until you are finished. Pressure cook for 2.5 hours or slow cook for 8 hours. Strain and you’re done.



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