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Beef & Pork


Heiden Valley Farm offers us USDA processed, individual Grass-fed beef and pork cuts from their farm in Lyons, NY.

Bob VanWuyckhuyse of Lee Farms offers half-cows custom cut and ready to fill your freezer with up to 600lbs of 100% grass-fed, NYS grown beef. The price of $5.50/lb hanging weight includes processing fees and packaging. Get the entire selection of steaks, roasts, soup bones, stew meat, and ground beef, and know that every meal you from it supports the local economy.

Hanging weight varies by cow but ranges between 500-650 lbs per half cow. Lee Farms only offers halves and wholes, but quarters may be arranged by finding another person with which to split the order. If interested, please call us or email us at sales@smallworldfood.com