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CSA Share Debit Cards

It's a CSA, but different!

Thank you for your interest in the Small World Food Custom CSA! For over a decade, Small World Food has established a connection between local NYS farms and our loyal customers. Not only are we able to partner with local farms who would otherwise not be able to bring their product to the Rochester Public Market, but we also use thousands of pounds of local organic produce every year to make our full line of ferments and breads. We are proud to be your link to local NYS farms and that is at the heart of our Community Supported Agriculture program.

This unique CSA offers the widest variety of local, organically produced food and farm products to be offered in Rochester. We combine that variety with flexibility that is simply unmatched. No more worries about missing a week because you’re on vacation. No more worries about whether you’re actually going to eat everything in your CSA box. With our CSA Share Debit Card, you’ll get exactly what you want, exactly when you want it, and will be able to choose from multiple local farmers to support every week.

How it works:

Sign Up & Receive a Bonus!

We offer multiple membership levels to suit your individual needs and budget. Members can join for as little as $300 ($11.54/week) and receive bonus credit, valued at up to 10% of the share price, that can be used for any of our fermented products. Simply add a Share Card to your shopping cart and you'll receive an instant discount on any of our ferments at checkout.

Get Your Share Debit Card

Each member receives a Share Debit card valued at the purchase price. Members have 6 months from the time of signup to spend the value of their cards at multiple locations and times each week including delivery right to your front door.

Buy What You Want, When You Want, & Save!

Members can choose to use as much or as little as they need on a weekly basis until the Share debit card expires. Share cards can be used at our market location, our online store for pickup or delivery, or by appointment at several other locations.

Some examples of items you can choose from:

From Our Vegetable Producers


We partner with over a dozen local farms throughout the year to offer a wide variety of organically grown NYS crops. Because our CSA Share Debit Card runs for multiple seasons, you can use your membership to support many different farms throughout the year, instead of committing to just one farm.  You can expect to see everything from Spring salad mixes to Winter squash and everything in between. During Winter, we bring you a variety of storage crops from our local farmers, helping them sustain themselves through the slower season and helping you sustain your family with healthy carrots, beets, sweet potatoes, and more. Our CSA Share Debit Card allows you to try a little of something new (just ask for recipes) or stock up on seasonal items like tomatoes and green beans for canning. You can even  get a discount on your entire Thanksgiving feast.

From Our Grass-Fed Dairy Producers


From Our Mushroom Producers

Some Varieties Seasonal

What it costs:

Single Share

You Pay:


$11.54 avg/week

You Get:

$300 to spend

+ $15 worth of FREE Ferments*

Double Share

You Pay:


$15.38 avg/week

You Get:

$400 to spend

+$25 worth of FREE Ferments*

Family Share

You Pay:


$19.23 avg/week

You Get:

$500 to spend

+$40 worth of FREE Ferments*

OMG! We Love You Share

You Pay:


$28.85 avg/week

You Get:

$750 to spend

+$75 worth of FREE Ferments**
Share Size Recommendations:
  • Single Share: good for an individual who doesn’t do a lot of cooking at home.
  • Double Share: great for two people who do an average amount of cooking or one person who cooks at home often.
  • Family Share: works well for small families or couples who love to cook.
  • OMG We Love You Share: perfect for large families, people who can, pickle, & preserve, or just folks who want to source every last bit they can from local organic farms. Spend more than $25/week on groceries? This package is for you.

The entire balance of the share card is intended to be used within 6 months of the original purchase. The bonus items of choice must be taken at time of sign up. Any cards not used for 365 consecutive days will be charged a Dormancy Fee of 50% of the remaining balance.
*Bonus credit is intended to be used upon sign up and items chosen will be delivered with your share card.
**Bonus for ‘OMG Share’ may include other items besides ferments, including mushrooms as well as some baked goods when available.