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Rochester, NY 14608




Delicious & Nourishing

We use fresh, natural ingredients in everything we make to provide the best tasting, most nourishing food possible. Drawing on both traditional old-world baking practices as well as a modern understanding of the science behind them, we work hard to bring out the flavor and nutrition in every item.

Our sauces and vegetable ferments are naturally fermented & never pasteurized, full of amazing flavor & live, active, pro-biotic cultures.  Made from produce hand-picked at the peak of ripeness, these traditional foods bring the bounty of New York State to your dining table.

Local & Organic Focus

We use ingredients that are grown organically by local farmers, or made by local businesses. Ecologically-grown food is safer and healthier for our bodies, for the farmers, and for the earth. For ingredients that are not produced in the region, we use third-party certification to ensure that their production follows organic and/or fair trade standards.

For our market location and online store, we partner with business within the Upstate NY region. Many of the farms with which we work are certified organic. Some farms and business with which we partner use organic practices, though not certified. No matter what though, you can be assured that every item represented on our website or market table comes from hard working NYS farmers and suppliers that care about sustainability, transparency, and producing high quality food for you, your family, and ours. Because remember: we eat this food every day and would never feed you anything we wouldn’t feed our family.